The Emotional Side of Breast Enhancement

Women frequently come to me with very different reasons for considering breast augmentation in Baltimore. Their common bond is a desire to feel better about their breasts – and themselves.

In some cases, they want to make uneven breasts more symmetrical. In other cases, women who have lost significant amounts of weight, had a baby or are dealing with the side effects of nursing ask whether breast augmentation can restore lost volume. In yet others, women simply want to increase breast size or improve upon their shape to achieve a more figure-flattering silhouette.

Breast augmentation is designed to do all of these things and more. But the procedure also can offer benefits that transcend the merely physical. While the desire to look better does have an aesthetic component, more often than not women considering breast augmentation want to feel better and more confident in their perception of themselves.

The results of a University of Florida study, which were published in Plastic Surgical Nursing (a magazine aimed at professionals), identify several psychological benefits experienced by women after undergoing breast augmentation procedures. Those benefits include an increase in self-esteem, more positive feelings about their romantic lives and a renewed belief that they are sexy and attractive to others.

You are unique and your reasons for considering breast augmentation are also unique. At Columbia Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, I operate under the philosophy that only the results of breast augmentation should remain the same: creating beautiful, natural-looking breasts my patients can feel good about for years to come.

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