Breast Augmentation Checklist: Planning Your Surgery

Chicago plastic surgeon shares the do's and don't's when preparing for your breast augmentation surgery.

I have been performing breast augmentation for years, so I’m well aware of the many factors that go into planning a surgery. My own planning involves getting to know my patient, surgical preparation, and paperwork, but patients also have a lot to keep track of. Here is a handy checklist you can use if you’re planning a breast augmentation procedure:

  • Find the right plastic surgeon. You should feel comfortable with him or her as a person, and the surgeon should have strong credentials and experience.
  • Choose your enhancement options. Your surgeon can help you decide on your incision location and your implant options, including material, size, shape, and placement.
  • Get financing in order. Figure out how you will fund your breast augmentation. Your surgeon may provide financing options.
  • Take time off work. Secure at least 1 to 2 weeks off.
  • Stop smoking. You should quit several weeks before surgery.
  • Plan for transportation. Patients come to me for breast augmentation from Chicago suburbs such as Naperville and Oak Park, and I tell them that they’ll need a driver to and from surgery, as well as to and from their follow up appointment the next day.
  • Recruit a helper. You’ll need a friend or loved one to look after you in the first couple of days after surgery. Be sure you have a helper to take care of children or pets.
  • Prepare your home. Shop for meals, get your bed ready with lots of pillows, and stock up on magazines or other things to do while you recuperate.
  • Purchase medical supplies. You may need to fill prescriptions before your surgery, pick up over-the-counter medications, or buy a supportive sports bra to wear as you heal.
  • Stop certain medications. Your surgeon will give you a list of drugs and even herbal supplements to avoid.

You will get more instructions and details from your medical team about all the steps you should take as your breast augmentation surgery approaches, and it’s best to follow those instructions as closely as possible.

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