Bravo for the BRAVA® Technique

For years, women have said, “I wish I could just move the fat from my stomach and thighs to my breasts.”

Now, you can for breast reconstruction after breast cancer. At our practice, we offer fat-transfer breast reconstruction for Austin patients. Our newest team member, Dr. Amy Bekanich, uses the BRAVA + AFT (Autologous Fat Transfer) approach developed by Dr. Khouri, a plastic surgeon and a pioneer in the use of fat cells for breast surgery. With this technique, our breast reconstruction patients can have natural-looking breasts without the use of implants.

About BRAVA/Fat Transfer

This procedure combines a tissue expander (BRAVA) with fat grafting for long-lasting benefits.

Who it’s for: Breast reconstruction patients who want to restore their breasts while also removing fat from areas such as the stomach, thighs or buttocks without the need to undergo lengthy free flap surgery

How it works: The BRAVA tissue expander is worn for several weeks prior to surgery to encourage breast growth. Then, the day of surgery, Dr. Kerr and Dr. Bekanich remove the excess fat from a donor site, such as the hips or stomach. The fat cells are then injected into the breasts. Patients will need to come in for several injections before final results are achieved.

Recovery and results: There is some recovery time associated with the liposuction and the initial mastectomy procedure – usually about a week. Fat injections do not require incisions, so there is little downtime. You can expect to see substantial breast growth within about 6 months, and the results are permanent once the desired breast size and shape has been achieved.

Alternative choices: Although fat-transfer breast reconstruction is appropriate for some, others may benefit from breast reconstruction using implants. This is a reliable method of breast enhancement that provides very predictable results. Breast implants have been approved by the FDA for safety and are chosen by many women every year for both breast reconstruction and breast augmentation in Austin.

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