Indiana "Botox" Creams – Do They Work?

Indiana BOTOX Cosmetic Cream

Lately I have seen some news stories touting a few products as “easy” alternatives to popular surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic enhancement procedures like BOTOX® Cosmetic. At my Indiana cosmetic surgery practice, I offer skin enhancements as well as surgical procedures, so I keep up with the latest research to be sure that my patients are benefiting from the most appropriate and effective choices.

In my experience, people who just starting to consider wrinkle treatments will be disappointed with creams claiming to be effective alternatives to BOTOX, and patients who have already experienced great results with BOTOX from Indiana cosmetic surgeons are unlikely to be tricked by the claims of these lesser treatments.

Fast Facts about Indiana “Botox” Creams

Two things you should keep in mind when evaluating these claims of any wrinkle treatment cream:

    • These creams do not contain BOTOX or work in the same way.Facial wrinkles result from a combination of static wrinkles (caused by skin aging and sun damage) and dynamic wrinkles (caused by repeated muscle movements). While there are plenty of creams out there that claim to reduce wrinkles “like” BOTOX Cosmetic, patients should note the important difference between skin-level treatments, which may help correct some static wrinkles, and muscle-level treatments (such as BOTOX) that directly address the contracted muscles that create dynamic wrinkles.


  • Creams containing the active ingredient in BOTOX Cosmetic are only in the development stage.The most recent buzz about “Botox” creams did suggest that a cream containing botulinim toxin could be an effective wrinkle fighter…but any effective product is likely years away. Researchers have developed a system that might help the product penetrate the skin, but there is still a great deal of research to be done before this system translates to a reliable product that an Indiana facial cosmetic surgeon can use.

Red Flags

Patients need to be especially cautious of any product that claims permanent results (even the real BOTOX Cosmetic requires periodic touch-up treatments) or offers a “complete” solution for all kinds of wrinkles and all skin types.

Wrinkles appear because of factors like genetics, sun damage, nutrition, gravity, and weight fluctuations, to name a few, and no single treatment will address the effects of all of these at once. Even patients undergoing BOTOX or facelift surgery will often have microdermabrasion or other treatments to improve skin health, and a reasonable, well-informed approach to your procedure will go a long way toward helping you make wise choices.

As always, the best anti-aging solution involves a combination of healthy living with realistic, valid medical advice from a qualified Indiana cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist who understands your beauty goals.

The Bottom Line

Many people are intrigued by the idea of a cream to reduce dynamic wrinkles, but right now this idea is still problematic – particularly because creams have to be applied through the skin, instead of directly to the muscles that are the real source of dynamic wrinkles. While I will keep an eye on the latest research, women and men need to be cautious about accepting the claims of any product that proposes to function like BOTOX Cosmetic in Indiana.

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