BOTOX® House Call – Better Than a Doctor Visit?

Plastic surgery expert from Dallas discusses Botox home calls.

There is a large market for plastic surgery in Dallas relative to its population, so a new company choosing the Dallas-Fort Worth area to launch its in-home BOTOX® injections service by nurses as part of “BOTOX parties” isn’t all that surprising. BOTOX has been the most popular cosmetic procedure since 2000 and these parties have been around for awhile, though this company plans to offer additional enhancements such as lip augmentation, scar treatments and non-surgical face lifts.

While it may be fun to have your treatment during a gathering with friends, you might want to think twice about trading your visit to the doctor’s office for a house call with a nurse.

7 Things to Think About

  1. Medical History: You should be fully comfortable to disclose any medical conditions you have, including medications you’re taking (even vitamins) with the person performing the injection in order to minimize risk of side effects, and be aware that anyone in the vicinity may hear this private information.
  2. Consultation: A thorough evaluation of a patient helps to determine candidacy and assess alternatives. Doctors use the consult time to provide education, and you may not get a full explanation of your options from a nurse injector.
  3. Consent: Before you agree to a BOTOX treatment, be sure you fully understand the benefits and risks, and have time to ask questions.
  4. Experience: Even quick and straightforward procedures like BOTOX injections carry a potential for complications, and having an experienced clinician administering a procedure or treatment will improve the results, based on their knowledge and technique.
  5. Environment: Cosmetic procedures are safest when performed by a qualified clinician in a medical setting. The physical setting should be suitable for treatment and equipped for emergency situations.
  6. Post-Procedure: You need to take care and precautions after an injection for the best results. A party environment where alcohol is served, for example, can cause people to fail to follow post-treatment instructions, which can lead to complications.
  7. Follow-Up Care: Even with cosmetic skin treatments, pre- and post-procedure care is an important part of any doctor-patient relationship and shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s comforting to know that you have a doctor to turn to in case any concerns arise.

When you think over these factors, how do BOTOX parties compare to treatment in a medical office? Where would you choose to have your treatment, and why?

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