Liposuction Recovery: Top 5 Questions, Part 1

Boston liposuction surgeon explains the recovery.

Most of the questions I get about Boston cosmetic surgery procedures center on candidacy (“is this procedure right for me?”) and safety (“what are the risks?”). Questions about recovery time come in a close third. I”d like to share my answers to 5 of the questions I hear most often from men and women considering liposuction. I”ll cover the first 2 questions here and follow up with the rest next week.

1. What”s the technique with the shortest recovery time?

This is a tricky question. Smartlipo™ and some other procedures have been getting a lot of press for their ability to shave time off of recovery, and to a certain extent they do. Surgeons today have a number of ways to minimize invasiveness and thus shorten recovery times.

  • “Wet” techniques: Practically all liposuction surgeons today use some form of sterile saline solution to prepare fat for easier removal. While surgeons may differ in how much solution they”ll use, some form of “wet” technique is a must.
  • Technologically advanced equipment: Vibrating liposuction wands and laser or ultrasonic energy can help break down fat and separate it from the surrounding tissue fibers more easily. This means procedures are faster with less tissue damage.

2. When can I wear a bikini?

Usually, this isn”t as much an issue of how soon you “can” wear a bikini as much as it is an issue of how soon you “want” to wear one. Bruising and swelling should be gone and your incision sites should be fully healed within about 4 weeks, but, depending on your body type, your skin might take a bit longer to tighten. If being “bikini-ready” is a big priority for you, you should probably plan your Boston liposuction procedure at least a month and a half or even 2 months before you expect to head for the beach.

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