Choosing a Plastic Surgeon Based on Price? … Beware, “WalMart Shoppers”!

Alabama plastic surgeon pricing and breast implants for Birmingham women

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” usually holds true for plastic surgery procedures like breast enhancement. As an Alabama plastic surgeon, I’m amazed to hear how some patients are choosing a cosmetic surgeon based solely on cheaper fees! The first question patients ask when inquiring about breast augmentation is “how much does it cost,” but patients seeking breast augmentation need to consider several factors in their choice:

  • RESULTS: You must look at and compare the results of cosmetic surgeons performing breast enhancements. Before and after photos should be available on surgeons’ websites and more should be provided when you visit their offices. Breast augmentation results vary and you should choose a surgeon based on those obtaining the results you desire.
  • EXPERIENCE: Plastic surgeons’ practices vary in the amount of experience in the use of breast implants. Birmingham has several plastic surgeons, but some have significantly more experience in breast augmentation than others. Would you choose a surgeon that performs 12 augmentations a year or one who completes 100 per year?
  • FACILITIES: Some cosmetic surgeons perform breast augmentation in office-based surgical suites that use nurses to administer anesthesia. While office settings can be completely safe, if there is ever an emergency you would need to be transported to the nearest hospital. Breast augmentation performed in a Birmingham, Alabama hospital has real anesthesiologists tending to you and all the necessary staff that would assist you in an emergency are readily available in case you need them. This could be life saving!

When choosing a surgeon for your breast enhancement, the price should be secondary. You must seek a competent plastic surgeon who obtains good results, has a lot of experience, and operates in a safe facility, Sometimes the fees of these surgeons are higher; they are not the “$1999 specials” you may see advertised. You often get what you pay for, and your safety and a good result are well worth it!

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