Gum Bleaching: How It Works, Why It Works

Cosmetic Dentistry for Dark Gums in Los Angeles

Gum discoloration is a common phenomenon that changes the appearance of the mouth and teeth, and in particular often gives the gums a “rough” or unhealthy-looking texture. Although this problem is relatively minor, it often has a significant effect on a person’s smile and self-esteem and until very recently there were no accepted treatments for it.

At my Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist office, I have developed a long-term, very popular treatment for this problem. I would like to take a moment to outline some facts that patients who are considering this treatment should keep in mind.

How Gum Bleaching Treatments Work

Gum discoloration ranges from pale purple to dark “black” coloration and is caused by a variety of factors, but most commonly hereditary factors that prompt the body to deposit melanin (the pigment that darkens freckles and moles) in the tissues of the gums. At my Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist office, I have developed a long-term, very popular treatment for this problem which consists of non-surgical and surgical methods.

Gum Bleaching: The Results

In certain cases a patient may need to have some minor surgical correction of their gum tissue at my Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist office before I can improve the color, but in most cases a one-hour session is sufficient to create a very even, smooth and pleasant-looking tone. In my experience, the lightening effect is permanent.

I am one of very few cosmetic dentists in Beverly Hills (and across the US for that matter) to offer this procedure. Since I published my technique in a leading dentistry journal in 1990, a number of other dentists have begun to offer similar treatments, but keep in mind as you explore your options that, even for nonsurgical procedures like this, proper knowledge, training and equipment are still vital to your success.

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