Breast Reduction Challenges and How to Plan for Them

Beverly Hills breast reduction planning

With breast reduction, a little foresight is definitely better than even a top-quality “do-over.” With many patients, the biggest difficulty in planning for their procedure is to understand what makes their breasts a particular challenge, and then choose a Beverly Hills area breast reduction surgeon who can address those factors specifically.

1. Symmetry

  • Why it’s a challenge: Genetic causes of macromastia (oversized breasts) often affect both breasts equally, but many other contributors to this problem – breastfeeding, for example – don’t. Many women also have subtle asymmetries in their breasts that aren’t easily noticeable as long as sizing is such a problem, but which have to be addressed for the results to look right.
  • Plan well: When you talk with your surgeon, start with questions rather than demands. Most patients have plenty to learn about the “technicalities” of their own breasts, and being open to new information about what makes your case unique will only help you evaluate how different techniques and results measure up.

Consider: Sometimes “perfectly” symmetrical breasts just aren’t possible. It’s better to recognize this fact and find a breast reduction surgeon near Beverly Hills, CA who is honest about what he/she can do than to disregard credentials and trust someone who has all the right claims but none of the skills to follow through on their promises.

2. Longevity

  • Why it’s a challenge: Whether or not you’ve waited until later in life to get breast reduction surgery, the weight and changing shape of large breasts tends to take a toll on the skin “envelope” that holds the breast in shape. A big part of breast reduction aesthetics is reshaping those tissues, but one risk of these procedures is that an envelope with thinner or more stretched out skin might not hold its new shape well over time.
  • Plan well: Find a surgeon who bases his or her recommendations on a thorough physical examination, and uses genuinely up-to-date techniques to make sure that results last. Look specifically for options like laser-assisted breast reduction in Beverly Hills, which in the right hands can help avoid the problems that damage results in the long term.

Consider: Sometimes breast reduction planning is all about the tradeoff between more dramatic results and less dramatic scarring, but when the quality of your surgeon and your results takes priority, new techniques can sometimes close the gap between those two ideals.

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