Best Breasts for Your Body type

As a Naples plastic surgeon, part of my job is helping women choose the right breast implant size, style and placement. Although each person must be evaluated individually for the best treatment plan, here’s a general idea of what might work for you:

Body Type Implant Style Implant Placement
Thin Silicone Gel Under the muscle or dual plane
Athletic Silicone Gel Under the muscle
Curvy Saline or Silicone Under the muscle or over the muscle

A thin woman may not have enough breast tissue at the top of her chest to naturally conceal the implant. Hiding the implant under the muscle (submuscular) or partially under the muscle (dual plane or partial submuscular) creates a more natural appearance.

Similarly, a woman with a leaner body may lack adequate tissue in her chest. A more natural look can be achieved by placing the implant beneath the muscle.

A woman with more volume in her bust has more tissue to cover the implant and has more placement options. The implant will likely be indiscernible either beneath or above the muscle.

Silicone gel-filled implants have a more lifelike composition. For women with inadequate natural tissue, silicone implants are usually a better solution. Women who have sufficient tissue can generally achieve good results with either.

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