Quick Tips: Breast Lift and Areola Shape

Baltimore Breast Enhancement

Nipple and areola shape are often a central concern for women who are looking into their options for breast lift and combination breast enhancement procedures. The Baltimore and Columbia, Maryland patients that I meet with often don’t realize that a breast lift can improve the appearance of their areolas, or how the areolas may look after their procedure. Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Your areolas appearance will change along with your breast shape after surgery. As the tissues heal, the breast mound will tend to “drop” slightly and take on a more rounded appearance. As this shift happens, the pressure of the breast tissue on the areolas will also change, so many women who initially see a slightly asymmetrical areola shape will find that this problem resolves a few months into the healing process.
  2. Your areolas may not be perfectly even. As a plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body cosmetic surgery, I aim to help my Baltimore, Maryland area patients achieve the most natural-looking results possible. Sometimes, though, natural asymmetry of the breast may cause the areola to stretch unevenly during the healing process. A highly skilled surgeon can generally avoid this, but in some cases minor revision is necessary to create a more attractive result.
  3. Augmentation mastopexy (breast lift plus augmentation) can sometimes help correct areola unevenness more fully. In cases where the areola is abnormally small, or for smaller breasts with moderate sagginess but noticeably uneven areolas, augmentation can often adjust the position of the breast tissues just enough to improve the size and position of the areolas. This effect will depend partly on the type of asymmetry you have, but a good surgeon ought to be able to give you a clear idea of what kind of changes you can expect.

Some patients’ areolas require special considerations, so when you meet with your surgeon, be sure to make sure you ask what kind of techniques he or she will implement to make sure you enjoy a pleasing result from your breast enhancement near Baltimore.

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