How to Handle Nay-Sayers

Many women considering breast augmentation in Dallas tell me that they receive harsh, judgmental, or even cruel comments from those who find their desire for cosmetic enhancements “unnecessary.” Sometimes the criticism comes from a loved one or family member, making the negative remarks even more difficult to deal with. It”s important to remember that not everyone is going to support your decision for plastic surgery. The most important opinion, however, is your own. The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal choice that you must make in the best interests of yourself – no one else. Ultimately, you are the only one who must live with the choice you make.

If you find that friends or family members are attempting to influence your decision to have plastic surgery, I suggest the following:

  • Have an open discussion. Many people react to change with fear. If a loved one responds unfavorably to your plastic surgery decision, it may be due to concern. Encourage a discussion, during which you can provide information and insight about your procedure. That will help your friend or family member feel more confident that you are making an informed choice.
  • Schedule a consultation with a qualified surgeon and your friend or family member. Many of my patients bring a family member or friend with them to their initial consultation. This allows me to answer any questions and helps everyone feel more at ease. Including your loved ones puts you both on the same “team.”
  • Accept their opinion calmly. It”s unrealistic to think that everyone will support your decision for plastic surgery. If you have met with a plastic surgeon, and are confident about your decision, then accept their feelings. Arguing or acting defensively will only escalate tension and make matters worse.

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