My Answers for the Top 3 Breast Implant Questions

I believe having choices is a good thing. When it comes to breast implants, women visiting my Illinois practice quickly learn that they have plenty of options. They also have plenty of questions, both about the implants themselves and the operation and recovery. Patients rely on a surgeon’s experience and judgment for advice about what is ultimately their decision. In my experience, these are the 3 of the questions I hear most often:

What types of implants do you use, and what is your experience with each?

I use both saline and silicone gel implants at my practice. I’ve found that the silicone gel implants provide a more natural look and feel for most women. But some patients prefer saline implants because if they rupture, the problem is noticeable immediately. Both implants can provide beautiful results depending on a patient’s body type.

How long will I be in pain after the surgery?

Recovery from breast augmentation, like any surgery, will vary from patient to patient. Advanced surgical techniques, however, can limit the discomfort following surgery in what’s called rapid recovery breast augmentation. Most of the women who get breast implants at my practice require only over-the-counter pain relievers during their recovery.

What is the shape, size, and texture you recommend?

Size is the biggest decision for many patients, but a good plastic surgeon should be able to help patients choose the size, along with the shape and surface texture. Physical stature and cosmetic goals will influence the choices. It all depends on each patient’s preferences, and an experienced plastic surgeon’s trained aesthetic eye can help.

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