Adding Saline to Implants

It is not uncommon for women with breast implants to decide they want a size increase some time after their implants have been placed. If their implants are filled with saline, they may be curious if they can simply add more saline to their existing implants. When my patients ask me this question, my response is usually “probably not.” Here’s why.

Saline implants are given a fill range that limits the capacity of the implant. Depending on where the surgeon originally filled the implants in this range, the implants may only take approximately 50cc of fluid. Since the average breast augmentation in Harrisburg that I perform involves implants anywhere from about 250cc to 475cc, 50cc is not going to provide a noticeable increase. Adding any extra could also place strain on the implants, voiding the implant manufacturer warrantee and risking your results.

If you want to go bigger, it’s probably a smarter idea to replace your implants. For my patients who seek implant replacement, I can use the surgery as an opportunity to add a subtle lift, rejuvenating breast appearance, and ensure that I am using the most advanced implants available.

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