Traditional Abdominoplasty: Often the Best Option

When it comes to plastic surgery, you need to look past the latest buzzwords so that you know exactly what your surgeon is recommending and what you are signing up for. Lately, patients have been seeing a lot of “mini” or “lunchtime” surgeries crop up, supposedly as alternatives to the traditional full versions of procedures like face lift or tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). The St. Petersburg, Florida patients I serve – and anyone else considering a tummy tuck for that matter – need to understand that the full and mini versions of most plastic surgery procedures have different goals and yield different results, particularly in the long term.

What You Should Know

Generally, abdominoplasty plastic surgeons in Tampa, Florida evaluate the success of a procedure according to whether it creates effective tightening, limited scarring, and long-lasting results. Overall, the mini tummy tuck procedure does produce a smaller scar, but tightens less effectively than the full procedure, with results that will not be as long-lasting for most patients.

In a full tummy tuck, the surgeon tightens both the upper and lower abdomen in a vertical line to create a more sculpted contour. The mini version addresses the area below the belly button only. While fatty deposits tend to focus Go here there, abdominal muscle looseness tends to extend farther above.

Of course, the tradeoff for additional contouring is that the full procedure requires more stitches over a larger area. While patients prefer minimal scarring, this larger incision actually has several advantages. It more evenly distributes the pressure that holds the muscles in and prevents the natural outward push of the muscles and organs. At the same time, the full procedure”s longer incision allows the surgeon to address the fatty deposits at the hips, if necessary, while he or she tightens up the muscles.

The mini procedure”s shorter scar is attractive, but if your fat deposits or sagging tissue are more extensive, you may be left with puckering or lumpiness at either end of the incision.

When You Choose

Each case is different, and the mini procedure may be effective for patients whose sagging belly tissue is limited to the lower abdomen only and not accompanied by large fatty deposits. But before they sign on for the “mini” option from an abdominoplasty plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, patients need to be careful that they are not short-changing themselves by undergoing too minimal a procedure, when they may need a more extensive one.

The Bottom Line

The main attraction of mini procedures:

  • Faster procedure
  • Smaller scar
  • Lower cost

The main challenges:

  • Less extensive correction
  • Shorter-term results
  • In some cases, lack of skin smoothness around the scar

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