The ABCs of Breast Augmentation

It’s always important to be an educated consumer, no matter what kind of purchase you’re preparing to make. It’s particularly essential when you’re considering investing in breast augmentation, which has the potential to transform your life both physically and emotionally.

I find that my Walnut Creek area breast augmentation patients who are well-informed tend to be more confident and comfortable through every phase of their plastic surgery journey.

So how do you find a plastic surgeon who is highly qualified and willing to take the time to help you understand your options for breast augmentation? To help you with that search, I’ve developed the following ABCs:

A: Advancements in techniques and technology are important to understand. Research the procedure you’re considering by looking at websites such as, which provides a wealth of helpful information. Talk with other women who have had the procedure, and see if they have recommendations.

B: Before-and-after photos should be an essential part of your surgeon-selection process. Study several plastic surgeons’ websites, and review their photo galleries. Look for photos that portray subtly beautiful results.

C. Consult with the surgeon before you make your final decision. Make an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation to discuss your questions, even the very personal and complex ones. For example, you may want to know if you can combine your breast augmentation procedure with liposuction. At my Walnut Creek area practice, I often discuss such questions during a consultation. An experienced plastic surgeon will appreciate your desire to learn all you can about the procedure and will want you to feel confident about your decision. That self-assurance can help you relax during your procedure, heal more quickly – and love your results.

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