A Gentler Way to Fight Cancer

Many people don’t know about insulin potentiation therapy (IPT)—a low dose chemotherapy that is effective on a variety of cancers yet has fewer side effects. This innovative treatment works by using one of cancer’s survival methods against it.

Cancer cells primarily survive on sugar metabolism. By administering insulin, we initiate a drop in the individual’s blood sugar level. While healthy cells begin metabolizing fat in the absence of sugar, cancer cells become starved for sugar.

A very low dose of chemotherapy followed almost immediately by glucose (a type of sugar) is administered. As the “hungry” cancer cells receive the glucose, they also absorb more concentrated amounts of the cancer-killing chemicals. The chemotherapy drugs eventually kill the cancer cells, while largely bypassing the healthy cells.

This treatment method provides the following benefits:

  • Lower concentrations of chemotherapy drugs—about 10% of the amount of traditional chemotherapy
  • More focused and precise treatment of the cancer cells
  • A reduction in side effects such as extreme hair loss, nausea, liver damage and DNA distortion
  • Preservation of the body’s immune system—allows the body to continue to protect itself

IPT equips us with a healthier, gentler way of effectively treating cancer.

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