4 Things You May Not Know About Face Lift Recovery

My Seattle area face lift patients often have a lot on their minds before their surgery, and it”s completely understandable. Having a facial surgical procedure can seem a bit daunting, particularly when you don”t know what to expect. So it”s important that patients be aware of what will happen during surgery and after the surgery as well. If you”re considering a face lift, here are 4 things to keep in mind during your recovery:

  • Tightness: With modern face lift techniques and a properly-trained surgeon, you should not expect to end up with that tight, “wind-blown” look after surgery. For awhile at least your skin may feel very tight after surgery. This is only temporary, lasting a few days to a couple of weeks until the skin has time to relax and settle into position.
  • Dry Skin: It is completely normal for your skin to feel dry and flaky after surgery. The dryness could last a few months, but can be minimized by regularly moisturizing the skin. Moisturizing will help your skin feel smoother and keep it healthy. Patients should also drink plenty of water to keep their skin hydrated.
  • Bruising: It is important to remember that the post-operative bruising can take 2 to 3 weeks to resolve depending on the patient. At your surgeon”s recommendation, you might be able to wear cover-up makeup to camouflage any bruising until it has had a chance to resolve.
  • Depression: Patients may feel mildly depressed after undergoing a face lift (or any surgical procedure for that matter). Surgery is stressful and recovery is tiring. In the face lift context, it can be troubling to see your face swollen and bruised after surgery; some people may have a difficult time appreciating the improvements in their face. The good news is that the bruising and swelling are only temporary, and once they subside, your face will begin to look healthier and more normal, and you”ll start to appreciate the many benefits of your facelift surgery.

Before any procedure, I make sure to tell my patients what they can expect after surgery to avoid surprises. If you are considering a face lift or any cosmetic surgery, make a point to research the surgery and discuss all aspects of it with your surgeon.

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