3 Common Facial Flaws

There are many reasons why people decide to have facial surgery, but at my practice I often see people with the same complaints. Three of the most common are:

1. “Turkey neck”: Lax skin around the jaw and neck is often associated with aging and weight gain or loss. A face lift in San Jose can restore definition to the neckline and reduce the look of “jowls.” Wrinkles around the mouth are also minimized, and a more youthful look is restored.

2. A “bump” on the nose: People with an enlarged dorsal hump can have a sleeker, more refined nose with rhinoplasty. When performing this procedure, I remove the bump from the bridge of the nose to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Droopy eyelids: Many people want to “open up” their eye area to look more awake and refreshed. For them, I recommend upper eyelid surgery to remove extra skin and fat over the eyes that is causing an aged appearance. A similar procedure can be performed on the lower eyelids to eliminate wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes.

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