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Are At-Home Microdermabrasion Treatments Worth It?


As a plastic surgeon, I typically approve of patients maintaining the results of a cosmetic surgery procedure with an at-home skincare routine. A comprehensive plan is an important component of maintaining healthy looking skin, but it shouldn’t include at-home microdermabrasion. At our Albany, NY medical spa, we persuade patients to trust professionals for the following reasons: The difference in price…

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New & Improved: A Better Spray Tan

New York plastic surgeon shares the latest in spray tan products offered at their Albany practice.

Tan skin is usually associated with beauty and health, but many methods for achieving a golden glow come at a price. Spray tans have long offered a UV and sun-free alternative that keep the skin safe from early signs of aging, but among women and men who choose to have a spray tan at our Albany, NY medical spa, the…

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Are Textured Implants Right for You?

Chicago plastic surgeon discusses which implant is best, smooth or textured.

Many of the women who come to my practice near Chicago for breast augmentation come to me with an idea of the size and type of implants they want. There are some factors women tend to be less sure about, though, even if they have done a lot of research. One such factor is breast implant texture. Breast implants come…

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Breast Augmentation Checklist: Planning Your Surgery

Chicago plastic surgeon shares the do's and don't's when preparing for your breast augmentation surgery.

I have been performing breast augmentation for years, so I’m well aware of the many factors that go into planning a surgery. My own planning involves getting to know my patient, surgical preparation, and paperwork, but patients also have a lot to keep track of. Here is a handy checklist you can use if you’re planning a breast augmentation procedure:…

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Picturing Breast Enhancement: The Value of Photo Galleries

Albany, NY plastic surgeon talks about the value of photo galleries when picturing your breast augmentation.

One of the best ways a patient interested in breast enhancement can get satisfying results is to show her plastic surgeon pictures of the look she wants. During consultations, I often point patients to my breast augmentation photo gallery of past Albany-area patients who got breast implants so we can look over photos together and discuss things that stand out.…

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