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4 Tips: Effectively Using the Web for Hair Loss Advice

San Diego plastic surgeon shares what you should know when researching hair loss online.

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, when an increase in stories about the condition is accompanied by a spike in the number of men and women who use online forums to get answers once they decide to take an active role in preventing their own hair loss. Online research is often the first step people take when considering any…

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A Closer Look at Eye Rejuvenation

Learn about eyelid surgery from Naples facelift surgeon.

Everyone wants wider, more alert-looking eyes, but as we age the delicate tissues around our eyes sometimes show too much wear, too quickly. Cosmetic Surgery Times recently discussed a multi-step approach to eye revitalization surgeries, but while these strategies are helpful for Naples facial plastic surgery procedures on the lower lids, I think a more thorough discussion of upper eyelid…

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Choose the Procedure That’s Right for You

Liposuction before pregnancy?

Your personal goals and body type determine what kind of breast augmentation or breast lift in Milwaukee is best for you. Sometimes, though, I find women come in for an initial consultation thinking that they need an augmentation, when in reality they could most benefit from a breast lift, or vice versa. I work with these patients carefully to ensure they…

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Tuberous Breast Correction

Breast augmentation recovery tips

If you have breasts that appear very narrow, long, and droopy, you are probably wondering about your options to correct this problem through breast enhancement plastic surgery in Phoenix. Fortunately, this problem has a specific cause and with the right surgery and the right surgeon the results can be very good. Here are answers to some of the most important…

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