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Mommy Makeovers… But What about Dads?

Tummy tucks for dads in Sacramento.

A “Mommy Makeover” can be very rewarding, helping women regain their pre-baby figure (and their self-confidence). Many Mommy Makeover patients feel that they get a new lease on life – and that’s a truly wonderful thing. But what about dads? They stay up with fussy babies, change diapers, and get worn out too. While it’s not as common, the “Daddy…

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Breast Augmentation: What’s Your “Ideal”?

Learn about "ideal" breast augmentation results from a Long Island surgeon.

If you’ve been considering breast augmentation surgery on Long Island and have finally decided to do it, you will probably spend a lot of time thinking about, possibly even agonizing over, the shape and size you want to achieve. Here are a few things to consider before your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon: 1. What breast shape should I…

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7 Simple Steps to a Healthy Heart

Advanced signs of aging might require a facelift

February is “American Heart Month,” and it’s an opportunity for people who have had success with weight loss or are still trying to lose those extra pounds to prioritize their goals and make a plan to stay happy and healthy. The American Heart Association has suggested “7 simple steps” that everyone can take to have a healthy heart. Yet these…

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Radiant Skin by Valentine’s Day

Learn how to get a little nonsurgical face lift before Valentines Day on Long Island.

Love can lift our spirits and make our skin glow. No occasion matches Valentine’s Day for celebrating that love. If you’re starting to make plans for something romantic, here are three quick, simple things you can do now to help your skin look radiant in time for Valentine’s Day. Exercise If you’ve put off your New Year’s resolution to begin…

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BOTOX® House Call – Better Than a Doctor Visit?

Plastic surgery expert from Dallas discusses Botox home calls.

There is a large market for plastic surgery in Dallas relative to its population, so a new company choosing the Dallas-Fort Worth area to launch its in-home BOTOX® injections service by nurses as part of “BOTOX parties” isn’t all that surprising. BOTOX has been the most popular cosmetic procedure since 2000 and these parties have been around for awhile, though…

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