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Liposuction Recovery: Top 5 Questions, Part 2

Boston liposuction surgeon shares part 2 of lipo FAQs.

Some of the most common questions Boston liposuction patients ask me are about recovery. Last week I answered two questions about techniques to keep recovery times minimal and how soon you can expect to be able to show off your slimmer figure (click to read post 1). Here are the next set of frequently asked questions and my answers: 3. What…

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Liposuction Recovery: Top 5 Questions, Part 1

Boston liposuction surgeon explains the recovery.

Most of the questions I get about Boston cosmetic surgery procedures center on candidacy (“is this procedure right for me?”) and safety (“what are the risks?”). Questions about recovery time come in a close third. I”d like to share my answers to 5 of the questions I hear most often from men and women considering liposuction. I”ll cover the first…

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3 Ways to Avoid Cosmetic Surgery “Addiction”

Learn how to avoid plastic surgery addiction from Boston plastic surgery expert.

With the death of Michael Jackson and other celebrities known for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery “addiction” has been on a lot of people’s minds. While thousands of people have cosmetic surgery in Boston every year without becoming obsessive about it, I think it’s still a good idea to think carefully about your priorities and be on the watch for the…

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