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3 Common Hair Restoration Questions

Even though hair loss is a common condition affecting two-thirds of American men by the time they turn 35, most patients have several questions about hair restoration surgical options when they come in for consultations. Significant advances in hair transplant surgery have occurred in the past decade or so, including the NeoGraft® technique I offer in San Diego. Hair transplant…

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Why Less Isn’t Always Best

Sometimes my patients from around Boston say the plastic surgeons they’ve seen tout minimally invasive or non-surgical cosmetic treatments, such as injectable dermal fillers, as suitable alternatives to facial surgery. Although these products can often make a measurable difference, it’s not quite accurate to market them on the same level as procedures such as facelift or eyelid surgery. Non-surgical treatments…

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How I Define Plastic Surgeon

What do you think of when you think of a plastic surgeon? Although any doctor who studied and trained in the field is technically a plastic surgeon, the practical aspect of plastic surgery is only part of what defines us. At my Houston plastic surgery practice, I strive to combine artistry with medicine to create beautiful results that satisfy my…

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Stained Teeth? Watch Out for These 5 Culprits

One of the most popular treatments I offer is porcelain veneers for my San Diego-area patients, and one of the main reasons for that treatment is because people want a fix for their stained teeth. Most people know that coffee and soda can darken and eat away at tooth enamel over the years, but there are also several other common offenders that…

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Women & Hair Loss: Restoring Confidence

The causes of hair loss in women aren’t well understood, but it’s clear that the condition is more common than most people believe. Although some cases of female balding can be traced to genetics, underlying medical conditions are often to blame. The good news is hair transplant advances offered in San Diego at La Jolla Hair Surgery Center provide women…

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