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Finding a Cosmetic Enhancement Community

When you’re investing your time and money in cosmetic enhancements, you deserve an exceptional level of care. You should be treated like a friend, not just a consumer. At my practice, we try to create a comfortable, familiar atmosphere where patients feel they have the support of a community of cosmetic professionals. Aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery at my Tampa…

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Aging Gracefully: Is Surgery Required?

Men and women considering a face lift at my Houston practice sometimes believe that the surgery is the only option that will address their cosmetic concerns. While that’s true for some people, I think it’s important to remind my patients that there is no single option for facial rejuvenation that will suit everybody. Today, non-surgical injectable treatments can create beautiful,…

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The Foundation of Every Good Facelift

Many of our patients in Austin who want a facelift logically assume that the surgery tightens all the skin of the face. Actually, a facelift addresses the lower two-thirds of the face, and it also includes changes to the skin of the neck, sometimes overlooked as the foundation of good results. Few people realize what an important role the appearance…

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3 Tips for Staying Fit After Breast Augmentation

Practicing in the Tampa area, my breast augmentation patients are often active women who make physical fitness a top priority. As a physician, I understand and stress the importance of committing to a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a realistic, effective exercise regimen. However, it’s essential for my patients to understand that, in order to ensure proper healing, they’ll have to…

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How Smartlipo™ Reduces Recovery Time

Many people struggle with small pockets of unwanted fat on places including the chin, hips, and upper arms. And sometimes, despite their best efforts through diet and exercise, this stubborn fat just won’t budge. Some of these people are hesitant to pursue liposuction, believing the procedure to be too extensive for a relatively small amount of fat. As an alternative,…

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