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How Plastic Surgeons Fight Capsular Contracture

At my Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads-area plastic surgery practice, one of the concerns among my breast augmentation patients is capsular contracture, or a hardening and excess of scar tissue around breast implants. Today there is a combination of techniques that can make this problem very unusual. Capsular contracture is thought to occur almost always when undetected bacteria enter into…

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A Plastic Surgeon for Your Non-Surgical Treatments

At plastic surgeons’ offices and medical spas around the country, non-surgical treatments to erase signs of aging have taken off in the past few years, gaining in popularity as more and more people choose them over surgical procedures such as facelifts. Although there are many highly trained aestheticians out there who can achieve good results with laser treatments and products…

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The Body Lift: A Total Transformation

I have found that one of the most rewarding procedures I perform at my cosmetic surgery practice serving Brooklyn and Staten Island is the body lift. This procedure helps patients who have lost a lot of weight in the last steps of their transformations. For those who accomplish the amazing and lose large amounts of weight, sometimes with the help…

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Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

One cosmetic treatment that has risen steadily in popularity around the country in recent years is laser hair removal. But my Plymouth and Ann Arbor patients are still skeptical about how effective this treatment really is, despite wanting to remove hair themselves. When performed by a qualified laser technician, laser hair removal can create long-lasting results. Laser hair removal uses…

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Mommy Makeover? What About the Daddies?

The Mommy Makeover, or a combination of procedures done all at once to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy body, has become very popular in recent years at my Bay Area cosmetic surgery practice. Also on the rise, though, has been the number of men getting aesthetic procedures. Although men do not have to worry about the effects of pregnancy on their…

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