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Benefits of Power-Assisted Liposuction

There are many techniques for liposuction. The one I find the most beneficial to my lipo patients in Denver is Power-Assisted Liposuction, or PAL. PAL is performed using the tumescent technique. This involves infusing large volumes of saline solution containing a local anesthetic and adrenaline into the target area to maximize fat removal, ensure patient comfort, and minimize bruising. Once the…

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Are Breast Augmentation Scars Obvious?

Scarring is among the top concerns for my breast augmentation patients in Indiana, and it’s no surprise why. After undergoing invasive surgery and weeks of recovery, women want beautiful results. Fortunately, modern surgical techniques mean that most scars are nearly invisible over time. Surgical Techniques During surgery, I insert breast implants through small incisions either along the crease below the…

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Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Sometimes women who come to me for breast augmentation in Greater Boston have pages of questions and information to bring to their consultation. I love this. Your consultation with a plastic surgeon is your opportunity to have your questions and concerns answered in person by a specialist. Get the greatest benefit from your consultation by being prepared with these tips: Do…

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How Safe Is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental techniques are becoming safer and more advanced every day, but it’s still very common for patients to get nervous about having dental work done. I use sedation dentistry at my San Diego practice to calm my patients and make their procedures more comfortable. When performed correctly by an experienced and qualified dentist, this practice is very safe and provides…

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Balance Your Nose With a Facial Implant

At my Dallas practice, I see a lot of rhinoplasty patients who are certain that their nose is the source of their dissatisfaction with their appearances. However, it is often not just the nose itself, but the disproportion of the nose, cheeks, and chin that causes their unhappiness. For these clients, I may also recommend a facial implant to bring the facial…

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