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Liposuction in Hi Def

By: Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, M.D. Body contouring procedures like liposuction are popular for shaping a smooth, proportional body. At my practice, Concept Clinic, I specialize in a unique type of liposuction in Geneva called VASER® Hi Def™. This advanced treatment uses ultrasound energy to precisely target deep and superficial fat so that the underlying muscles are more visible. VASER Liposuction vs.…

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Computer Imaging: A Glimpse into the Future

It’s normal to have hesitations about changing your appearance. For my patients considering procedures such as facelift in Toronto, computer imaging technology can reduce worry by providing a visual prediction of surgical results. This equipment uses your own photos and physical measurements to create a lifelike digital image of your surgical result. These images can be modified and altered to…

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A Gentler Way to Fight Cancer

Many people don’t know about insulin potentiation therapy (IPT)—a low dose chemotherapy that is effective on a variety of cancers yet has fewer side effects. This innovative treatment works by using one of cancer’s survival methods against it. Cancer cells primarily survive on sugar metabolism. By administering insulin, we initiate a drop in the individual’s blood sugar level. While healthy…

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Best Breasts for Your Body type

As a Naples plastic surgeon, part of my job is helping women choose the right breast implant size, style and placement. Although each person must be evaluated individually for the best treatment plan, here’s a general idea of what might work for you: Body Type Implant Style Implant Placement Thin Silicone Gel Under the muscle or dual plane Athletic Silicone…

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The Myth of "Spot Reduction"

At my plastic surgery practice in Modesto, patients often explain how they haven”t achieved desirable results for their trouble spots with exercise. Unfortunately, the concept of “spot reducing” is a myth. Factors such as age, genetics, and gender determine the areas of our bodies where we store fat. Exercise can help you achieve a healthier, stronger body overall, but it…

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