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Fat Transfer: A Vital Component of a Face Lift

Patients at my plastic surgery practice in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA, area are often curious about the components of a face lift procedure. Most face lift candidates will be familiar with the “lifting” part of the procedure, which addresses skin laxity, wrinkling and sagging. However, many patients are unaware of an equally important consideration in performing a face…

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Why You Should Choose a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon for Your Transplant

Not every practitioner offering hair restoration is a board-certified plastic surgeon. As I tell my La Jolla hair restoration patients, choosing a plastic surgeon for your hair transplant can greatly increase your satisfaction with the procedure and your results. Why a Plastic Surgeon? Hair restoration is an involved cosmetic procedure, and the results are on display for the entire world…

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Implant Considerations for Very Small Breasts

Small-breasted women have some special considerations if they are thinking about breast augmentation. In my Atlanta, GA area practice, I advise patients who have very little breast tissue that their breast implants may be more noticeable. For natural-looking results, I usually recommend the following: Select the proper implant size. Determining the right implant size is important for every woman undergoing…

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Can You Benefit From a Tummy Tuck?

I perform tummy tuck in Orange County for women and men with a specific set of concerns. It is not a weight loss procedure, and it isn’t necessary if the only concern is isolated fat in the midsection. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your midsection, this highly effective surgery could be right for you if you need…

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The Many Advantages of a NeoGraft® Transplant

When men and women come to me to discuss a hair transplant in San Diego, they often have many questions about the NeoGraft procedure. While the prospect of an automated hair restoration system may give you pause, this follicular unit extraction (FUE) device is exceptionally safe and efficient. Just like other FUE methods, NeoGraft allows surgeons to harvest donor follicles…

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