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The Importance of Shared Vision in Surgery

Each person, including your plastic surgeon, has his and her own aesthetic preferences about what looks best. That’s why, when it comes to breast augmentation in Florida, it’s important that each patient finds a plastic surgeon who understands her goals and shares her vision of beauty. I’ve found that a comprehensive consultation is the key to creating a shared vision…

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Best Areas for BOTOX® Cosmetic

If you’re considering BOTOX in New Jersey, you’re not alone. Millions of BOTOX injections are performed each year to smooth lines and wrinkles. Every time you make a movement with your face, such as smiling or frowning, you use specific muscles. Over time, the repeated use of these muscles causes them to contract and form dynamic wrinkles. BOTOX is derived…

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Technique vs. Technology

Many of my Tallahassee plastic surgery patients are somewhat overwhelmed by the many different types of liposuction available. They want to know which method (such as SmartLipo™ or tumescent liposuction) is going to be the most effective. The truth is, a surgeon’s mechanical skill, rather than the equipment used, is the best predictor of results. New Is Not Always Improved…

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You Lost the Weight, Now What?

Whether you have lost weight through diet and exercise alone or you have turned to bariatric surgery in Concord for weight loss, you’ll be relieved to know that plastic surgery can help remove the excess skin that massive weight loss leaves behind. Men and women who have dramatically changed their bodies often come to me for help in completing their…

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The Secret to a Successful Injectable Treatment

Many practices offer injectable skin rejuvenation treatments, but not everyone takes a hands-on approach. At ReNue, my cosmetic skincare clinic, I offer dermatology services for Calgary and Airdrie, Alberta. I insist on performing all BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal filler injections myself to ensure that my patients benefit from my training and expertise. The Expertise of a Licensed Physician I established my…

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