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Special Considerations for Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

If you have recently undergone a major weight loss in Walnut Creek, you may want to think about plastic surgery to sculpt your new body. Post-weight-loss procedures such as arm lift, tummy tuck, breast lift and thigh lift can refine your new look by removing extra skin and shaping more attractive contours. For a successful surgical outcome, keep these 3…

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Why I Use Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction

Many patients are surprised to learn that I offer ultrasound-assisted liposuction at my Chicago practice in addition to traditional liposuction. I have found this technique to be highly effective for fat removal for several reasons, including: Easier and gentler techniques. Traditional liposuction is performed by manually moving a small cannula back and forth under the skin to loosen fat cells…

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Breast Reconstruction: Know Your Options

Women who are facing reconstructive plastic surgery in Seattle after a mastectomy have many decisions to make. Perhaps one of the most pressing is whether to reconstruct the breast using an implant or natural tissue. Each technique has benefits and drawbacks, so you should thoroughly discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your surgeon. However, the information below can serve as…

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Holistic Beauty

When I perform any type of procedure, from rhinoplasty to BOTOX® Cosmetic, for San Francisco patients, I take a holistic approach to beauty. Rather than focusing on one specific area of concern, I consider all aspects of facial balance and symmetry. Looking at the face from this perspective enables me to create results that look balanced, natural and youthful. My…

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Cellulaze™ & SmoothShapes® to Enhance Liposuction Results

When I perform liposuction in San Jose and Palo Alto, I want my patients to be overjoyed with their results. Liposuction is about more than just reduction; it is also about creating smooth contours and a toned appearance. Smartlipo™, which uses a tiny laser beam beneath the surface of the skin to gently dislodge fat cells for easier removal, can…

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