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3 Lesser-known Uses for Liposuction

Many people think liposuction in Baton Rouge, LA is just for fat removal. But actually, liposuction can be used as part of a fat grafting procedure that transfers fat from one area of the body to another. Take a look at some of the lesser-known but extremely effective procedures I perform using liposuction: Facelift: I often perform a fat transfer…

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Rhinoplasty on the Decline?

It’s always interesting when I come across information that relates to cosmetic surgery in Lafayette, LA. Just recently, I read an article posted by that says fewer Jewish women are having rhinoplasty because they want to maintain their ethnic identity. This was based on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2011 report that the number of rhinoplasty procedures has…

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BOTOX® Cosmetic for ‘Bunny Lines’

The term “bunny lines” may sound cute, but the majority of people who have these wrinkles don”t find them very endearing. At my practice, I often use BOTOX® Cosmetic for San Diego patients who want to soften the appearance of these lines and create a softer look. What exactly are “bunny lines”? Bunny lines are horizontal wrinkles around the nose…

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4 Options for Breast Lift

Many women know that a breast lift in Atlanta will bring their breasts to a higher position on the chest and improve the breast shape. But what they may not know is that there are several different ways to perform a breast lift. Four of the most common are: Crescent Lift: As the name suggests, a crescent lift removes a…

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3 Common Facial Flaws

There are many reasons why people decide to have facial surgery, but at my practice I often see people with the same complaints. Three of the most common are: 1. “Turkey neck”: Lax skin around the jaw and neck is often associated with aging and weight gain or loss. A face lift in San Jose can restore definition to the…

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