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Do Wrinkles Get Worse Without BOTOX®?

Several patients who use BOTOX® in Seattle have asked me if their wrinkles will become worse if they stop getting treatments. The answer is no. Your wrinkles will not get “worse.” Your skin will simply go back to how it looked before you started using BOTOX. BOTOX is a temporary treatment that is great for relaxing the muscles that cause…

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Breast Implants After Pregnancy

Many women considering breast augmentation in the Bay Area have asked me how pregnancy will affect the way their breast implants look. Although each woman”s physical changes will be different, the good news is that most won”t experience any significant shifts in their appearance. The majority of women return to their pre-pregnancy breast size once they have stopped breastfeeding. If…

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A Nose Job That Won’t Change the Look of Your Nose

Most people who undergo rhinoplasty in Seattle are looking to change the shape of their nose. However, there’s a type of nose surgery that keeps the original nose shape intact while improving breathing. This is called septoplasty. The goal of septoplasty is to fix the shape of the septum, which is the cartilage that separates the two nostrils. Sometimes, as…

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