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The Mom’s Guide to Plastic Surgery

When considering plastic surgery in San Jose, you have a lot of important decisions to make. And if you’re a mom, you have even more considerations. Here are some things to think about: Your available downtime: There’s no question that most moms are extremely busy. Trying to find a few days or weeks for recuperation after surgery can be a…

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Austin Beauty Awards

At our Austin plastic surgery practice, we offer a variety of services, including surgery for the face, breast and body as well as medical-spa options for facial rejuvenation. While each treatment has its own benefits, we would like to recognize 3 procedures that are often requested at our office. These procedures have very high satisfaction rates, and my patients are…

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The Many Faces of Facelift Surgery

If you have been thinking about having a face lift in the Bay Area, you may have run across several facelift trade names, such as the QuickLift™ and the Lifestyle Lift®. These procedures are essentially modified versions of a traditional facelift that use different surgical techniques to achieve various levels of improvement. Some that you may have heard of include:…

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BOTOX® Cosmetic for Jaw Reduction

As a Northern Virginia facelift surgeon, I am often asked to speak about recent breakthroughs in facial enhancement. Recently, I was invited to speak at an educational seminar in Washington, D.C., about a new use for BOTOX® Cosmetic. Most people are familiar with BOTOX as the wrinkle-reducing injectable that treats forehead lines and other facial creases. However, it can be…

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The Secret to a Youthful Face: Volume

Most people know that a face lift in Maryland will give the skin a firmer look. But firm skin isn’t the only characteristic of a youthful complexion. Adding volume to the face helps provide a soft, youthful look and enhances facial contours, such as the lips, cheekbones and chin. When we are younger, our skin is plump with healthy collagen,…

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