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Recovering From Breast Augmentation

A common question of many Orange County breast augmentation patients ask is what the recovery process will be like. Although the length of recovery depends on the extent of your procedure, there is a general timeline you can expect to follow. Once I complete the surgery, I typically apply a support bra. With the exception of walking around for circulation, I recommend…

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How to Speed Up Your Breast Augmentation Healing Time (Part I)

Before I perform breast augmentation on Phoenix and Scottsdale area patients, I always take the time to speak with them regarding the surgical recovery period. The reason I do this is to ensure that they are aware of the important role they can play in enhancing their healing for beautiful results. Patient’s actions after surgery have the potential to speed…

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Rhinoplasty Surgery Revealed

A great way to become more comfortable about undergoing a procedure is to understand the basic surgical steps involved in that procedure. Although there are some variations, rhinoplasty surgeons in Ontario, Canada, typically perform nose reshaping using similar techniques. Understanding the basics of this procedure can prepare you for your rhinoplasty consultation and your surgery. Rhinoplasty consultations provide an ideal…

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Skin Sensitivity and Laser Hair Removal

I am often asked if laser hair removal in Denver can be performed on sensitive skin. In most cases, laser technology is safe for sensitive skin when performed correctly. That”s because the newer lasers are able to destroy hair follicles without harming the surrounding skin. At Rejuvenate!, we offer the eMax Laser Hair Removal System from Syneron™. This treatment is…

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Understanding Revision Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, is an extremely effective facial cosmetic surgery in Toronto. Although the vast majority of patients experience few problems with their results, some people require a corrective procedure. Revision rhinoplasty can help women and men reverse damage and rebuild the nasal structure. It’s often difficult to overcome a bad surgical experience. Finding a qualified surgeon is the…

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