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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Women considering breast augmentation at my Long Island practice are often very concerned about recovery time. Some surgeons downplay recovery time, but the recovery process is crucial to healing properly, and feeling and looking your best. The first 48 hours requires most women to limit physical activity to a minimum. Although strenuous activity is limited, most surgeons recommend walking around…

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How to Handle Nay-Sayers

Many women considering breast augmentation in Dallas tell me that they receive harsh, judgmental, or even cruel comments from those who find their desire for cosmetic enhancements “unnecessary.” Sometimes the criticism comes from a loved one or family member, making the negative remarks even more difficult to deal with. It”s important to remember that not everyone is going to support…

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Why Skin Care Matters

Although there are numerous non-surgical cosmetic treatments for skin concerns like wrinkles and discolored skin, many of the common skin problems can be avoided with proper skin care. Spending time on daily skin care can keep your skin looking fresh and healthy, which means you will have to spend less on cosmetic enhancement in the future. With good skin care,…

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Different Dermal Fillers

As women and men age, it’s common for skin on the face to show the effects of gravity and sun damage. Indiana plastic surgeons provide a number of surgical options for reducing the signs of aging, but a popular trend among people who may not be ready for a surgical procedure is the use of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers temporarily…

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The Basics of Breast Reduction

Women with overly large breasts often choose breast reduction on Long Island to east the discomfort they experience on a daily basis. This procedure is an excellent way for women to alleviate physical and social discomfort, create a more proportionate body contour, and make shopping for clothing easier and more fun. Here are some helpful facts about breast reduction: Once…

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