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Caring for Your Skin after Laser Skin Resurfacing

While a good skin care routine using medical grade products is essential for healthy skin, it is especially crucial after your laser skin resurfacing treatment in Melbourne. Lasers affect the skin by delivering targeted heat energy to the superficial epidermis, thereby vaporizing the top layers of the skin and bringing new cells to the surface. Until it matures, this new…

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VISIA™ Skin Analysis Benefits

Most people understand the importance of a clear complexion, but are unable to identify trouble spots that prevent them from having clear and youthful-looking skin. VISIA™ Complexion Analysis system has several benefits, including the ability to accurately evaluate your personal skin type and determine the most appropriate treatment. The system uses ultraviolet photography to assess the degree to which wrinkles,…

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Top 5 Areas to Treat With BOTOX® or Dysport®

BOTOX® in Boston has been used to treat everything from wrinkles to migraines. Due to BOTOX’s well-established safety record, long-lasting results, and simple treatment sessions, this anti-wrinkle injection has become one of the most popular minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures in the world. And now, with the arrival of Dysport®, men and women have even more options when enhancing their appearance. Like…

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Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss: Start Planning Now

If you are considering a weight loss procedure in Walnut Creek such as bariatric surgery, it’s important to start planning the plastic surgery phase of your transformation now. Many people who experience massive weight loss experience a reduction in skin laxity. By consulting a qualified plastic surgeon now, you can understand the different body contouring options available and have time…

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Is It Safe To Tan After Laser Hair Removal?

The improvements in laser technology have evolved substantially within the past 10 years. Laser hair removal can now effectively treat a wider range of hair colors and skin types. Nevertheless, because laser treatments can make your skin photo-sensitive, it is best to avoid sun exposure for 30 to 60 days to avoid burning or skin discoloration after your laser hair…

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