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The Truth about Breast Implant Web sites

If you have been considering breast implants in Indiana, you have more than likely run across a few Web sites that dramatize unfavorable results. “Scary” plastic surgery Web sites are created with the intention of discouraging people from having cosmetic surgery, so you must keep in mind the validity of these sites when searching for credible sources. Ask yourself these…

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Choosing a Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Most women feel overwhelmed by the many decisions that must be made after a breast cancer diagnosis. Choosing a breast reconstruction surgeon is often one of the most important. In order to help you make this choice, I’ll share a few factors that I consider especially crucial when choosing a surgeon in Newport Beach for breast surgery. To get started,…

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Enhancing Ethnicity with Plastic Surgery

A recent New York Times article examined popular plastic surgery procedures among immigrants and then correlated their preferences to cultural ideals of beauty. When reading the article, I was particularly impressed with one key observation: the author stated that unlike previous plastic surgery trends (in which many immigrants chose procedures that enabled them to assimilate and appear “Americanized”), many immigrants…

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The Effects of Heat on Breast Implants

As summer heats up, many women who have had breast augmentation in Indiana have asked me about the effects of heat on their breast implants. This is an interesting and valid concern since breast implants do store heat, and many women notice that they feel warm to the touch after a hot bath or day in the sun. However, heat…

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Great Expectations?

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery in Houston, it’s important to establish clear expectations for your surgery with your plastic surgeon. Use your consultation to discuss the results you expect to achieve, as well as your aesthetic goals. When performed correctly, plastic surgery should provide subtle, natural results – not drastically change your appearance. Here are my tips for making the most…

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