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Teen Breast Reduction: To Wait or Not To Wait

To wait or not to wait? This is a critical question when it comes to breast reduction for teens. Many young girls develop large breasts at a young age, which can bring on several concerns such as: Pain in the neck, shoulders, and back Poor posture Difficulty finding clothes that fit Poor body image Inability to participate in certain sports/exercise…

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PAL Liposuction Explained

If you are like many men and women looking for liposuction options, the different types of liposuction methods that are out there may seem overwhelming or confusing. How do you sift through and find out which is best for you? To start, research is key. I offer 2 types of liposuction: Tumescent liposuction Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) Tumescent liposuction is considered…

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Breast Reconstruction Using Love Handles?

It is common for many women to have fat deposits underneath the waist and above the hips. While some curse their genetics for these, a recent Johns Hopkins study shows that these “love handles” can be valuable in flap methods of breast reconstruction, particularly in athletic women with little fat on their midsection (read more about it here). Athletic, slender…

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Your Prescription for Beauty™

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there’s no such thing as “one procedure fits all.” Each patient will have different anatomy, concerns, expectations and budget, which means what’s right for one patient could be entirely wrong for another. It’s like anything in the medical field; your general practitioner wouldn’t prescribe you medication without taking into concern your individual health, mental…

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Why Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery Makes Sense

Bariatric surgery requires a lot of post-operative dedication for patients, but even after working hard to lose 50 or more pounds, patients can still be left with signs of their obesity including excess skin, cellulite or even stubborn fatty deposits that remind them of their previous weight. After investing so much time, energy, money and emotional effort into radically changing…

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