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Beautiful Breasts After Baby

While the abdomen is universally affected during pregnancy, the breasts also go through extensive changes. After childbirth and nursing, many moms come to me to find out how to restore their pre-baby shape. For this reason, breast enhancement is popular with Indiana moms who visit my practice. Let’s go over a few procedures and talk about how they can help…

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Does Your Surgeon Volunteer?

When someone (no matter what their profession) volunteers, most people agree that it says something about that person’s character. Now, I think I may go so far as to say that people in certain professions have a responsibility to volunteer their time and their services. In my opinion, plastic surgeons are among those professionals. We are healers of mind and…

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Preserving Youth AND Masculinity

Men visit my facial cosmetic surgery practice in Toronto for the same reasons as women – to look more attractive and hold onto their youth. I make sure my patients understand the differences between what makes a man’s face look attractive and what makes a woman’s face look attractive. Men want to look younger, but they usually don’t want to…

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Hot Button: Lipodissolve

Even as liposuction technology advances and becomes less invasive, there’s a push for non-surgical liposuction alternatives. To get patients in the door, some medspas and other practices have been offering a procedure called Lipodissolve (also referred to as injection lipolysis or mesotherapy), billing it as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. But now, the FDA has issued letters to several spas…

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Making Cosmetic Surgery Terrific, not Terrifying

Many women and men of all ages and backgrounds are interested in improving their appearance through cosmetic surgery. However, for many people, the thought of cosmetic surgery in Indiana may induce stress and anxiety because it is, after all, surgery. I am consistently flattered by my patients who find that, to their very great relief, their cosmetic surgery experience ends…

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