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Plastic Surgery – Still Popular Despite the Economy

The sluggish economy has caused many Americans to cut spending, and to limit expenditures to just the essentials. In light of that, some find it surprising that plastic surgery procedures have declined only slightly in the past 2 years. At my practice, patients tell me that they consider plastic surgery in Atlanta a sound investment in tough economic times. Here…

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The Power of Patient Stories

Plastic surgery is an important decision, one that most people don’t take lightly. So, it stands to reason that patients select their surgeon with great caution and care. On this very Web site, many doctors have posted various guidelines for selecting a surgeon – all of which are useful. But I thought I’d highlight something here that, if available, can…

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3 Signs You’re Ready for Breast Augmentation

While you may have always wished your breasts were larger, you might have talked yourself out of breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. However, many women who visit me for breast enlargement in Indiana explain that they regret waiting so long to go forward with the procedure. It can be reassuring to know that this popular procedure has a…

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What Is a “Top Doc”?

When you’re choosing a surgeon, awards and accolades may be something that you’re looking for. What you may run into – if you are looking at qualified, well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeons – is a “top doc” or “best of” award. It’s impressive. But what does it tell you? What’s interesting, and what you should pay attention to when assessing your…

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Hands-On with Hand Surgery

Most people take their hands for granted. We just don’t recognize what a huge role our hands play in our lives – when we’re at work and at play. That is, we don’t recognize their importance until an illness or injury shows us how essential they really are. Hand surgery is an area of medicine that I’m passionate about, so…

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