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Size Matters, but So Does Shape

Some patients come to my practice in Atlanta for breast enlargement because they have lost breast volume with age, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy. Often, they believe that replacing lost volume with a breast implant will also help with sagging or drooping, but this is not usually true. For most women with sagging breasts, a breast lift should be performed at…

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Facials: Results or Relaxation?

Facials are often associated with the concept of a “spa day” – all relaxation, minimal results. The truth is, while facials certainly can help people relax, they also do a whole lot more – that is, if they”re performed by a qualified professional. What Can They Do? So, what can facials actually do? In general, they improve skin tone and…

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Not Your Mother’s Face Lift

Most of us have seen a “bad” face lift. The skin is pulled too tight and the result is a windblown look that is obvious and unnatural. This was more common in the past, when more antiquated facelift techniques consisted mainly of tightening the skin by pulling it towards the temples. Fortunately, plastic surgeons today are trained in far superior…

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Plastic Surgery – How Times Have Changed

As cosmetic surgery becomes more a part of mainstream culture, it is easy to forget that, not so long ago, options were much more limited. Patients who come to me for plastic surgery in Atlanta these days have more and better choices than ever before. Here’s a look at how things have changed: Breast Implants – Women today have the…

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Breast Reduction and Your Health

I have the pleasure of seeing many happy breast enhancement patients, but I get particular satisfaction from witnessing the transformation that often comes with breast reduction at my Long Island practice. For these women, cosmetic surgery can be life-changing and can lead to dramatically improved physical and mental health. The physical effects of large, pendulous breasts include: Headaches Neck and…

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