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Neck Lift without a Face Lift?

Unfortunately, facial aging rarely stands alone. Chances are, if you’re seeing the signs of aging on your face, you’re seeing them elsewhere too. For this reason, I often perform a neck lift in conjunction with a face lift for my San Jose area patients. As another contributor on this blog explains in his post on combined face and neck lifts,…

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Anchor (Incisions) Away! Advantages of Short-Scar Breast Lifts/Reductions

I see many women who would like to reshape their breasts or reduce their breast size. In our Louisiana practice, breast enhancement surgery (breast lift or breast reduction) can provide very pleasing results for these women, but, scarring is a common concern. Anchor Incisions One of the most common techniques for breast lifts and breast reductions involves an anchor-shaped incision.…

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Summer Beautiful – Without Surgery

In the pursuit of bathing suit beauty, many people are interested in non-surgical ways to put the finishing touches on their appearance. There are many modern treatments that require minimal, if any, downtime and are best performed before you gain that summer glow. Many women and men in Louisiana request: Laser hair removal removes hair on the bikini line, underarms,…

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For Breast Augmentation, Patience is a Virtue

Today, I’d like to talk about something many women may not be aware of – the adjustment period that can follow breast augmentation. While it’s exciting to wake up from surgery with the fuller breasts you’ve always wanted, it can be overwhelming for some women as well. Before surgery, I make a point to tell women considering Louisiana breast augmentation…

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5 Surgeries for a Bathing Suit Body

As the weather grows warmer you might be thinking about how you’re going to look when you step into your bathing suit or swim trunks. If you’ve taken care to eat right and exercise over the winter months, you may still welcome a little improvement when it comes to showing some skin. Plastic surgeons in Louisiana can offer many women…

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