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Cigarettes and Surgery: Mutually Exclusive?

After years of ignoring warnings from doctors about lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease, most smokers are quick to ignore a surgeon”s disclaimer that you need to toss those cigarettes well before your cosmetic surgery. With both health and surgical results at stake, smoking cessation prior to surgery is vitally important. I believe that, if more patients understood the connection…

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Single, Double, or Triple Certification – What’s the Big Deal?

You might know that board-certification is one of the clearest hallmarks of a quality plastic surgeon, but most San Diego area plastic surgery patients don’t really know the difference between a surgeon who’s board-certified and one who’s double- or triple-board-certified. You might be wondering whether additional certifications even “count” for anything, and whether there’s really any difference in the quality…

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Bogus Reviews Are Bad Practice

As with many ethical plastic surgeons devoted to the best possible practice of medicine, I am disturbed by news of a “quick” and “inexpensive” facelift company posting bogus reviews to online review sites in an effort to boost business. According to recent news reports, the management of Lifestyle Lift, Inc. instructed employees to post reviews, comments and testimonials as “satisfied…

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How You Can Get Rid of "Cankles"

Cankles. It”s not a medical term by any stretch, but plenty of people are wondering what they can do to create a more shapely leg and avoid this problem. First a little background for the uninitiated: ideally, a woman”s leg tapers gracefully from the calf to the foot; however, for many women, there is no narrowing from the lower leg…

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Nose Jobs for Teens: What’s a Reasonable Age?

If you”re a teen or the parent of a teen who is thinking of getting a rhinoplasty or “nose job,” you might be questioning whether this procedure is appropriate for younger patients. Rhinoplasties are some of the most complex cosmetic surgery procedures out there, so keep in mind that there’s no single deciding factor and no “perfect” age where the…

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