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Great Breast Enhancement Results: 2 Steps to Define Healthy Goals

Everyone wants to avoid an “unnatural” looking breast augmentation or reduction, and healthy, reasonable goals are a key part of planning for results that look right. In this week’s post I’ll outline two steps to help you develop the goals you want to address in your consultation – and, hopefully, communicate with your surgeon more effectively. 1) Understand your own…

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Male Tummy Tuck – Facts on Abdominoplasty for Men

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) for men involves all the same steps as the procedure for women, but men often have very different goals for this type of procedure than women do, so they require a specific approach. At my Orange County, California plastic surgery offices, I treat a number of male patients each year with treatments ranging from BOTOX® Cosmetic to…

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Revision Breast Enlargement in Orange County

Secondary breast augmentation is a complex and technically demanding procedure, but it is also an art. Here are a few of the many factors that I typically need to address in an Orange County revision breast enlargement procedure, and ways you can help prevent those problems from recurring with your breast implants. Restoring Symmetry Although breast asymmetry has many different…

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Breast Implant Projection – What You Need to Know

Women who are thinking of having an Orange County breast enlargement have plenty of decisions to make regarding the shape, type, and placement of their implants. Most patients today know the basics of implant type and volume, but to first-time breast enhancement patients, implant “projection” is often a new concept. What Is It? Implant projection or “profile” is the distance…

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Environment vs. Genetics: Address the Right Factors

Not all facial signs of aging have the same causes, and not all of these characteristics can be addressed in the same ways. Today, surgeons performing Orange County plastic and cosmetic surgery have a whole repertoire of techniques to enhance the look of the face, but in order to create good results, they still need to be able to assess…

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