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Does Breastfeeding REALLY Cause Breasts to Sag? – Get the Facts

Many of my Baltimore breast enhancement patients come to me because pregnancy and breastfeeding seem to have given them a flat, less shapely look. But does breastfeeding really make a big difference in how saggy your breasts look after pregnancy? A recent study aiming to answer that question offers the surprising conclusion that while factors like smoking and a larger…

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Facelift or “Fast-Lift”? – Quick Facts on the MACS Lift

“Minimally invasive” facelift procedures offer a way for some patients to look better without requiring a big time commitment – but as a Baltimore plastic surgeon I can tell you that not all “mini” facelifts are created equal. In general, “mini” face lifts may not be right for patients who are aiming for longer-term results. However, I have been able…

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Advantages of Professional Aftercare

The majority of plastic surgery procedures I perform take place in the outpatient surgery center we have on-site at The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery in Louisiana. An increasing number of plastic surgeons are performing surgery in outpatient centers rather than hospitals, and while this makes it easier for patients to head home as soon as possible after surgery, there’s…

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Adjustable Gel Implants for Breast Enlargement

If you have been considering breast augmentation, it can be hard to make sense of all the choices and options you have. One of the first decisions women often make is what type of implant makes the most sense for their cosmetic goals and lifestyle. Typically, this choice comes down to either saline or silicone gel implants, each of which…

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Post Weight Loss Facelift Surgery

People who have lost a large amount of weight from exercise or bariatric surgery often find that while they look thinner and trimmer, and definitely feel much healthier, gravity and those years of having extra pounds to carry around have left a mark on their face. Sometimes, a loose, flabby look persists even after weight loss, and after losing volume…

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