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Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeons’ Training

If you are considering a face lift, make sure you know whether your Toronto facial plastic surgeon has the qualifications to perform your procedure safely. Governments and medical societies in both Canada and the United States are developing more advanced guidelines about who can perform cosmetic enhancement procedures like face lifts, but the unfortunate reality is that many doctors performing…

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"No Scar" vs. Traditional Breast Reduction: Know the Differences

Some cosmetic surgeons are promoting less invasive procedures such as “liposuction” breast reduction as substitutes for the traditional surgical approaches. While some of these techniques can be effective for certain patients, women who are considering breast reduction and/or breast lift in the Walnut Creek / San Ramon area need to understand that less invasive approaches differ significantly from traditional methods…

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Revision Rhinoplasty: Special Concerns

Both primary and revision rhinoplasty patients should be on the lookout for surgeons who demonstrate an exceptional level of skill, but for revision patients this can be particularly important. As a facial plastic surgeon who focuses specifically on revision rhinoplasty procedures in Toronto, I can tell you that while primary and secondary rhinoplasty have the same goals, surgeons who regularly…

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High-Tech Liposuction: Laser versus Ultrasonic Approaches

Seattle plastic surgery patients who are looking into liposuction for the first time may be confused by their options. The latest high-tech Seattle liposuction options use laser or ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells, and may allow for a faster recovery. While both of these approaches can be effective for typical trouble spots such as the belly, hips, thighs, and…

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Your Abdominoplasty Outcome: Form and Function

Board-certified plastic surgeons have special training in creating results that not only look right but also function appropriately in relation to the rest of your body. This is particularly important for cosmetic procedures that can affect essential functions like breathing (rhinoplasty) or a patient”s range of motion. For instance, because a tummy tuck involves re-tightening the abdominal muscles, many of…

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