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Plan Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Satisfying results from Seattle breast augmentations depend to a large extent on the surgeon’s skill, but the patient can play a significant role in their surgery’s success. When you take steps to plan ahead for your procedure and your recovery, you are putting yourself in the best position possible to enjoy a quick and comfortable recovery and achieve satisfying results.…

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Lower or Traditional Face Lift?

You can make better face lift choices if you understand your options. Often, patients who are just starting to look into facial plastic surgery in Toronto will assume that all face lifts work the same way. Both traditional and lower face lift are designed to help you look younger by minimizing the appearance of loose, sagging skin, but they have…

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Breast Reduction Scars: 6 Things You Should Know

When I consult with women from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills about breast reduction, I tell them to expect some scaring initially. However, patients can help minimize scarring after surgery if they take certain precautions and understand why breast scarring occurs. Here are 6 important facts that should help as you begin to develop your expectations and plan…

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Questions to Ask: Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss

Patients who have undergone significant weight loss are sometimes the best candidates for cosmetic surgery. Boston women and men who have managed to stabilize their weight within a healthy range are highly motivated to maintain the healthy lifestyle they need in order to enjoy good results from any cosmetic surgery procedure. At the same time, though, these patients present a…

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Breast Lift & Reduction: Is Combination Surgery Right for You?

For certain patients, a single breast enhancement procedure will “get the job done” and create a satisfying breast contour. For others, combination breast lift and breast reduction procedures can restore the breasts more thoroughly in the long-term than a Los Angeles or Beverly Hills breast reduction alone. How do you know the difference, and more importantly, which of these options…

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