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Different Approaches to the Male and Female Brow

Upper eyelid surgery in Boston, Massachusetts is getting attention as a rejuvenation option for men as well as women. However, prospective patients should be aware of some important differences in the ways this surgery can affect the appearance, and keep in mind the look they are trying to achieve. Upper blepharoplasty subtly corrects excess tissue of the upper eyelid, reviving…

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Less Pain IS Gain: Advantages of "Liquid Facelifts"

Each year, thousands of men and women nationwide choose surgical facelifts to achieve a younger and revitalized appearance. But for those who aren”t quite ready for facial surgery, there”s an exciting new option that utilizes the latest injectable fillers: the “liquid facelift.” This treatment has been receiving a lot of positive press recently, and a number of my patients have…

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San Diego Fraxel® Laser Therapy for Sun-Damaged Skin

You love the time you spend soaking up the sun and enjoying the outdoors, but you certainly don’t love the potentially serious effects of sun damage, which can destroy tissues, cause skin cancers, and prematurely age skin on your face, hands, and body. A revolutionary new technology for men and women in San Diego, Fraxel® laser therapy, encourages skin renewal…

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Surgical vs. Liquid Facelift: Know the Difference

With the economy so tight, a lot of surgeons and patients are focusing on “injectable” facelift procedures as an effective substitute for the traditional approach. I offer both types of Seattle facelift options from my plastic surgery offices in Washington and Southern Alaska, so I understand the benefits of each. At the same time, though, I have seen an increasing…

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Breast Reconstruction: Why or Why Not?

The latest clinical research shows that breast reconstruction after mastectomy has many benefits, but the fact remains that only about 20% of women who lose their breasts to mastectomy choose to undergo breast reconstruction. Why aren”t more women choosing reconstruction? I”d like to explain the benefits of breast reconstruction, and address a number of misconceptions that in my experience cause…

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