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Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Better in Winter or Spring?

Laser hair removal is a popular choice among San Diego women and men who want to remove unwanted hair. While laser hair removal can be performed at any time of the year, having the treatment performed in the winter or spring may provide optimal results. This treatment is most effective when your skin is not tanned, regardless of whether the…

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Creams Plus Lasers for Hair Removal – Are They More Effective?

If you”ve heard about a recent study on combining laser hair removal and hair removal cream for better results, you might be wondering if this is an option for you. Here”s what you need to know: The facts: The study found that women who applied eflornithine (a hair-growth inhibitor) cream to their upper lips experienced faster and more complete results…

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BOTOX for Overweight Patients: What’s the Draw?

Recently I”ve been hearing how some women (and men) are using BOTOX® Cosmetic and other nonsurgical treatments as part of their weight loss programs. Obviously, BOTOX doesn”t have a direct effect on your weight, but since weight loss has a great deal to do with self-perception, it seem some people are starting to include San Diego Fraxel® treatments and BOTOX…

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